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It’s cold and it’s empty 
sad and alone
Hurtful and hateful and full of revenge
Though the world is something you dare not avenge 
There’s anger and something that feels like regret
It’s shocking and painful 
Something you wish to forget 
The smell is of burnt plastic with a tinge of desire
But there’s something else that lingers in the embers of this fire
Pieces  of dreams and promises 
Unloved and unfulfilled
Days filled with sun beams 
And minds to be thrilled 
This thing I describe is not all darkness and pain
Nor is it regret for what shall remain
It’s only an empty and broken recourse
To be described as something as sad
As an old and tired racehorse
Sadly , the days of racing are over 
And those who were betting can put down their clover 
Happily these bones are laid to rest
The running is over and so is the test .


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