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I wrote and published a book called Head Hunters in 2015. The book takes place at a boarding school. The universe is full of music nymphs, angels (nonreligious), witches, and werecreatures secretly living side by side with humans. But some of the humans dudded Head Hunters hunt, capture, study, or trophy hunt these species. As I finished getting my bachelor's degree in creative writing for entertainment I learned how to better build my universe. 

I'm still working on the sequel. I have a Facebook page where my characters share their thoughts and opinions. I've since started telling other stories within the universe. There's Escort/Recon that follows a first generation black ops team protecting people from the Head Hunters. There's Music Nymphs following a group of people who live deep in mountains and close to a Head Hunters' page. The most recent story is Mayday that follows multiple points of view of people on the way to a stronghold to keep them safe. All those stories have working titles as of right now. 

Today I have just finished the second draft of my music based memior, Confessions of a Music Nymph. I love how far I've come in this universe.


  • Oct 04, 2018

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