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You were there the day I was born when my dad was not

You held me a week after my birth and took me trick or treating rapped in your jacket

To this day halloween is my favorite holliday

I've had this strong connection to that day since the day you left

My heart felt empty, lost and confused

Halloween was the day you turned my heart gold

You dropped all things important just spend that day and time with me

Everytime something bad happened in life along the way I came to you

You always knew what to say

Towards the middle we started planning my sweet 16

Decorations and colors down to every last bite of food

Oh how ironice the phrase "sweet 16"

I lost you before then so mine nothing near sweet

Just a distraction from the world that slowly deteriorating from my grasp

I'm reaching out trying to catch you and my life all at once

I can't let either go and I never will

Come home and release that love and care you did on that halloween day


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