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The importance of calling someone by name.

Our name holds deep and personal meanings. When someone says our name it gives us the feeling of happiness. And when our name is used in a polite and respectful way, It shows us that we have identity and value. Our names Can be seen as the most important word that could ever be heard.” We feel important when our names are respected.

Even in writing, e-mails, or anywhere online, When we are called by name, It shows that we are important. It is easy to go a different way, saying, he, she, them. But when someone takes the time to learn a name, our self worth elevates.

Nicknames, show that we are more of an object than a person. And we like to be treated as human beings.

I've had a couple times online with this, “being noticed” or just simply having my name being in a response. Showed that my opinion mattered, that I wasn't being pushed to the side, and helped me find happiness in a place I didn't think had any. It was very, WARMING...


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