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People aren't scared of the darkbecause of what's actually there. They're scared of where their imagination goes when their vision is obscured. In fact, we're so afraid of our own minds, that even in broad daylight, when we're having a conversation with someone, our brains play tricks on us. Such mean tricks. They misinterpret their actions and words. They make them seem more terrifying than they really are. They do this until we are too frightened of others that one by one we cut our friends and family off. We seclude ourselves. We hide from the world until the only thing left is our imaginations. The thing that drove us here. Soon, the once unreasonable fears we had become real. Now, we are rightfully scared. The only difference is now we're alone. Terrifyingly alone. Eventually, we become our own enemies. Our minds don't make it any easier either. When you're alone, all you can do is think. And to be left alone with your own imagination is the scariest thing of all.


  • Sep 14, 2018

  • Sep 14, 2018

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