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Once upon a time, an egg was somewhere in the universe. It hatched into Ghidorah. Ghidorah's reign of terror spelled doom for the universe. Ghidorah was an unstoppable force. Different alien species tried to bring down the monster, but couldn't. A few light years away from Earth, sat a lonely planet. It housed a species protected by a monster named "Gamera." Every year, on that planet, there was a festival thanking Gamera for the protection of their species. Gamera always watched the festivals, and the people knew. The aliens prayed in their language. In that festival, they sang songs about their great saviour. Anyone who thought Gamera was the worst part of this planet, would be executed, no matter who it was. Gamera was a serious thing on that planet. Roaring was heard above the clouds of the planet. Sirens were heard as well. "GHIDORAH!", screamed an alien.  Ghidorah descended from the clouds and roared. It's three heads shook as they shot Gravity beams at the planet's cities. The adults and children were screaming as they ran away from Ghidorah. They soon realized one thing, they couldn't escape the devil. Hours, days, weeks passed and the planet's population dropped. Gamera arrived on the planet, but was too late. The population dropped from 1 billion, to 1,200 in a matter of weeks. Gamera looked around. He saw the dead bodies of the alien race. Ghidorah stranded in front of him, dwarfing him. Gamera looked up at Ghidorah. They both roared at each other. Ghidorah bit onto Gamera. It lifted up in the air, and dropped him on the hard surface of the planet. Ghidorah shot him with it's gravity beams and heavily injured Gamera. Gamera used his fire breath on Ghidorah, but, it did nothing to the three headed monster. Ghidorah used it's gravity beams to throw Gamera away. Ghidorah proceeded to kill the remaining individuals that survived it's attack. Gamera woke up and looked around. It saw..... nothing. He roared and flew away. Gamera needed to protect the universe from Ghidorah. And so his quest to stop Ghidorah began. Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe, must live up to that title.

The End.


  • Sep 14, 2018

  • Sep 14, 2018

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