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Today its rainy and cloudy. I feel gloomy but its not because of the weather. I find peace in the pitter pater of the rain a distraction from thinking about the pain in my brain. Each distinct drop falling from the sky from way up high down to the ground. The rain slaps down hard on the concrete of my drive way wich is where i diced to stand and let the rain beat down on me. I feel the rain on my skin washing away the dirt from my mind. My hair is soaked with fresh pure water untouched by anything except air. The water drips down and falls on to my chest. Im wet and cold but i dont mind the rain gives me peace within my twisted mind, hearing the rain slapping against the concrete comforts me. The rain beats down on me the wind blows harder and my skin becomes numb to the pain. Story of my life i have to become numb to the pain. The rain is a good reminder it helps me remember there's beauty in the pain. For example me standing out hear getting slapped in the face with rain out here now and im cold but the longer i stand out here the more numb i get and i enjoy the rain more and more because the sounds it makes comfort me. I may or may not catch a cold after this but at this point its fine with me. I watch as droplets fall into puddles making ripples in the water making changes to the puddles as they grow in size. I want to make a change like the drops,an impact on the world. Eventually when the sun comes back up again the puddles will all dry up so they're impact was for nothing. I want my impact to be for something. Me and my father used to cut up mangoes and eat them on the back porch and watch the rain comfortably eating fruit. The rain wasn't beating on me then. My family wasn't so broken and torn up back then either. Now here i am face to face with the rain with no fruit and without the presence of my father. Basically i had to come face to face with discomfort to learn something. I learned the deeper meaning to the purpose of pain. I learned it from the rain. The rain is more than water now its emotions pure emotions failing from the sky its no longer like droplets now its like tears but sometimes its good to cry. Tears from the heavens because the heavens are sad mother nature is sad with the way humans treat the world. Mother nature is mad because all the greedy people dont care she shows her anger through lightning bolts across the sky. I believe she hasn't struck me yet because her and the heavens know that i have some kind of purpose that means something to them. Im not like the greedy people i care about other people and i care about the earth and i care about the concept of time. What does any of that have to do with rain you might ask. well if i say the rain is like tears and crying is good for the soul and its healing then mother nature must be trying to heal the world with her sadness,trying to make things grow. She certainly has healed me many times in my days of sorrow and madness and she teaches me things all the time. They say you learn something new every day well i think i learned a thing or two today. Mother nature has a hard time keeping her feelings at bay just like me. The rain still beating on me now feels like nothing but a light drizzle. It slaps me in the face and stabs my arms but it feels like soft little droplets and it no longer bothers me. I have become addicted to the sound of rain. I find it better to drown my pain in the puddles before they disappear. They're purpose matters to me and i hope my purpose i can find. Perhaps nature can help me figure it out. I believe rain is the perfect place to start. 


  • Aug 10, 2018

  • Aug 11, 2018

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