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When people message me anymore most of them are really nice but others are not. There's one that has been harassing my sister and me. 

This is for the people who message people without thinking about the outcome. 

Sometimes when you message someone a text like "You dumb ass bitch you should not be here," they take that literally and try to commit suicide. Others can just shake it off and not be affected by it but not all. Don't go text someone thinking that that can just brush everything you say off their shoulders. There are some people that have really extreme issues. No one needs to go through any of that. Someone messaged my sister and said that I had sex with her brother. She made it seem so true but it's not. 

This person does not know anything about me or my sister and yet she's targeting us. 

To be completely honest I think that this person is just trying to get attention. 

Back to why I'm writing this. 

Everyone who texts someone, take time to breathe, think, and make sure you are okay with the outcome. 

Thank you for reading this. It means so much to me.


  • I can totally agree. if people thought more before they lashed out at anyone or attacked a stranger just because they don't know them, to cause drama or make the other person feel their pain then the world would be better. I believe they do this because it's the online world and they don't see the person behind the text, or number they dial or message. only if more people understood the influence a single message can have.

    Aug 19, 2018

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