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My eyes blur as I sat up. My bed felt foreign to me. My room still looked the same but now it felt like a prison. My body ached from memories of the night before. I went to the bathroom to wash up. Blood. Did I have my first period? I'm only ten! No, I knew the truth. It wasnt as simple as a period. It was an evil THING I once called my dad. He ruined me. He broke me in every way possible. His wife is probably in the living room right now with no idea what happened. Cleaned up, I walked out to the living room. I sat in silence. I didn't want food. I didn't want anything but to disappear."Are you ok hungry? You dont look so well" the Step Mother asked as if she were truly worried."I'm fine I just dont feel well." I muttered.She dismissed it as if I were a fly on the wall. Fine by me. My father walked into the living room, beer bottle in his hand as usual. I checked the clock: 9:17 AM. As his eyes burned into my skin I refused to look at him.'Keep your eyes down' my mind whispered. 'Dont even look in that direction, focus on the tv'I couldn't focus though, my mind flashed back to last night. The alcohol on his breath. The pain in my most sacred body part. The blood that now stained my sheets. I couldn't yell. I couldn't even speak. I was frozen in fear. The man who was my hero, my protector, was now my worst nightmare that I can't escape from...


  • Aug 11, 2018

  • Sep 06, 2018

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