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Today when I logged on I saw your face

A flood of memories and emotions washed over me

You were my first crush

Because of your smile

Your personality

Your sense of style

You were my first friend at the high school

Whenever the anxiety hit you were there 

Knowing exactly what to say

You were the first person at the school not to treat me different because of my disability

I really appreciated that

You introduced me to your friends 

And we all hung out and got along

A lot different than my last year in middle school

You loved to sing Lady Marmalade

You introduced me to Bloodhound Gang's The Bad Touch

You cosplaying as L for a week 

Begging me to keep it secret

So you could surprise your boyfriend

You looked so cute as L

And you were great at the cosplay

Got his personality and mannerisms right

We talked about writing stories together

And although it didn't make it on paper we did write a story about our "wedding"

With your boyfriend at the time being the best man 

Man, did he hate that 

And our craziest friend being the priest

That freaked him out, haha

Every time we hung out is was the best

Looking at your pictures 

I wish we could talk and catch up

You were so beautiful 

Amd easy to talk to

You walked me home from school once

And even though we got a little lost it was awesome

You didn't make me feel like I was too slow

Hanging out with you at the house was fun

You were worried what my parents would think

Do you remember the fair at school?

Where we got lost and your boyfriend had to find us

Everything about that day was amazing

And we texted all summer

You introduced me to Facebook even though I was grounded from computers at the time

I remember our next year at the high school when you came to school upset

Some had happened the night before

So instead of going to class

We sat outside and talked till you felt better

It wasn't till after senior year when I moved away that I admitted I had a crush on you

Of course you already knew

But you were so cool about it

And you gave me the courage to come out to a few people

I miss everything about you

I hope you are truly in a better place


  • Jun 07, 2018

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