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I have a voice in my head

That remembers dark things

That I regret

That family has said

It whispers these things to me constantly

Makes me cry

Sometimes makes me hate myself

Pushes me around

Sometimes pushes me to my limits

So I was surprised when a silent demon I thought I was done fighting

Slithered out of the PTSD vault

And the voice faught it off

Kicked its ass and sent it back to the vault, locking it away

It turned and saw it was too late

Although it was silent and she quickly dealt with it 

It had already done its damage 

She ran too me and dropped to her knees

She tended to my wounds

Then she cradled me and talked me up

'Who dealt with verbal abuse constantly for twenty years?'

I did

'Who faught constant suicidal thoughts for seven straight years?'

I did

'Who clawed her way to get the life she deserved?'


'Who constantly gets back up to join the fight?' 

I do 

'Who spars with me daily?'


'And who puts me in my place when I get too harsh?'


'Who tries to be there for everyone?' 

I do

'Who knows when to ask for outside help?'


'And who needs to start putting themselves first?'

I do

'Then sleep now, Little One

'You've faught well

'And now it's time to rest

'Remember that you have so much to be proud of 

'You've made it so far

'You're making a life for yourself

'And you're making a name for yourself

'You always push yourself to be the best

'Well sweetheart, you are doing so well

'Rest now, my Little Badass

'I will protect you from the demons

'I am so proud of you

'And when you wake it will be a new day 

'Full of promise, adventure, and happiness'

She held me through the night 

Fighting off the demons

She'll protect me till I'm better

And when I'm better, with a renewed respect for her, we'll spar again 


  • why are there so many parahthesis ,, i want to become a good writer , whst must i do to perfect my level of the intrust of doubting my own intuitions ..😂😂😂😂

    Jun 13, 2018

  • Jun 13, 2018

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