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Due to my previous piece, The Flood, I spoke to my therapist about a darker side of my past I like to ignore. What happened after Dad passed. In my eyes, I was thrown out of one family by a rumor. Fell into another part of my family to quickly be ostracized. Verbal abuse spread for years from the two biggest family members I cared for the most. 

So my therapist and I finally speak about what happened eight years ago. The rumor? I've protected myself by saying it's a rumor's fault, but deep down I always knew... I didn't mean as much as the others. A character in one of my short stories told me the truth I denied for years. They will not take me back. They never cared about me like that. Therapist confirmed what we both knew. 

But why did she- Why was she so hostile to me? "You're a burden to my family". I'm- Wasn't I your family? When did I stop being a part of your family? What did I do wrong? I asked myself this for years. Now I know. Maybe I always did but was protecting myself yet again. I was the next logical punching bag for your anger. I look like him. I have a lot of his personality. You hated him for so long before he passed. Where was your anger supposed to go? And there I was. A giant reminder of your past nemesis. 

We talk now, but it's different. You remember an entirely different past. My pain is still there, but I'm doing my best to start with a clean slate. Where I'm not the daughter of your nemesis, but I'm your daughter too. 


  • May 29, 2018

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