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Facebook remembers everything. People love and hate that about them. It reminds some who we lost along the way and others of painful moments in their lives that we tried desparately to forget. Recently I went back to an old project, but I realized I lost some research. So I thought I could look up the same research but through Facebook. That's when the flood began... 

The flood began before I could stop it, 

Five years of memories flooded in before I knew it was happening, 

Started with Dad and my day at Jimi Hendrix's cemetery, 

A nearly forgotten memory, 

Then other memories swiftly followed, 

A day at the fair with an old friend, 

The whole day broke through...

The parade, 

My siblings calling me to tease me, 

The ride home with Jeff Dunham quotes, 

Watching the special, 

My friend's mom's threat, 

Old friends, 

Fun times,

Old crushes, 

Losing my family, 


Horrible words, 



Visiting Washington,

Getting kicked out,

It caused my brain to feel like it was splitting, 

The emotions flooded in quickly after,




So many tears fell from my face,

My husband hugged me, 

Listened to memory after memory, 

He smiled and hung on every memory, 

The flood lasted six days,

Luckily the headache only lasted the night,

But the memories were lasting like debris in the waters 


  • May 29, 2018

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