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Atlantis Wilds, Section 34. 13:00.

There was a soft rap on the door to the lodge and as Hannah opened it she saw an older man standing there with a small wood carving of a rabbit in his hand. She invited him in and he placed the gift on the table.

"So I'm Dr Forester, how are you settling in Hannah?" He asked looking around at the lodge that was structurally identical to his own. However he had over twenty years of trading goods to make his little piece of home more welcoming. "Ah I see you have met Ander." He said looking at the carved flower in her window.

"How did you?" She started.

"Know?" He finished. "That slightly red colour in the oak she uses is only found in this section of the wilds. Unless someone is stealing from me then Ander is the only Trader I give any of it too." the Red Oak was a bi-product of a few stray Oak Saplings being planted above a patch of red clay only found in section 34.

"So we have some unique trees here then?" She added with some enthusiasm. She was very keen to get started on her tasks.

"Yes we have five in total. The Red Oak, the Red Weeping Vine, the Black Bark Willow, the Spotted Mahogany Tree and the White Oak. none of these can be found in any other section of the Wild lands, I know I've looked." He smiled and walked toward a small unit. Pulling the door open he removed a rope bound, bark covered tomb and placed it on the table.

Hannah looked at it in amazement, it was the largest book she had ever seen. "What is that?" She asked as she walked toward it eye wide open.

"This is my legacy, I have documented every plant, tree, root, flower, moss and berry that grows here in section 34. Every one who works in this area have a copy of this and when something new is discovered its added, we have never had to remove anything yet." He slid the book over to her and she lifted the cover and gently placed it on the table.

Her face dropped as she looked at the contents page. "You hand wrote it?" She looked at the doctor.

"Every copy." He added before he walked toward the door. He opened it looked around outside then closed it and walked back to the table. "There is something you will need to know before it becomes general knowledge. Yesterday i found a body in the area, it was a guy who I believe was dead. however when I went back later to check on it, it was gone." the serious look on his face told her instantly he wasn't lying.

"Why are you telling me?" Hannah asked suddenly very afraid of what that could mean.

"If Ander trusts you enough to gift you with something that took her over twenty hours to make then I can trust you." the young girl looked at the carving then back at the doctor.

"Twenty Hours?" She repeated and the doctor nodded.

"I must go, but spend the next few days learning this book. Take a wander into the area, familiarise yourself with the lay of the land and if you spot any bodies let me know without hesitation." He left her to it and as the door closed she turned the page and saw a diagram of the area known as Sector 3, it was divided into 9 smaller elongating and widening triangler sections number 1 to 9. One of the Sections, number 4, was coloured blue and was divided into smaller sections from A to Z starting with the smallest area nearest the Citadel, labelled as 34A.

Quickly flicking through the pages she realised there was so much to learn and she hoped she would be ok. At first she thought living and working out in the wilds would be an adventure and now facing the reality of life in the wilds, she felt a little daunted. She then thought back to the doctor and at how good looking he was, older, mature and very clean. The thought disappeared and she couldn't help but wonder what the trader would look like under her robe.

She grabbed the book and sat on her long chair near the window and began to read the first chapter of the book.


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