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Atlantis Trading Floor. Section 3. 09:30.

"Hand Made Chimes! Anyone want some Hand Made Chimes? Only Two Hours of Work, Great Value!" Shouted the woman in a red robe as she stood beside a stall of all hand made products. Her not so subtle pastel pink hair stood out everywhere, not just among the other traders. She picked up a short piece of rope and whipped it with some intent.

The man who felt the bite of the rope across his buttocks turned to face her with a stern and aggravated look on his face. "Ah Sir, how about some of these flowers for that special woman in your life?" He grunted his distaste before another man walked up beside him and then they kissed passionately. She watched them walk off. "Well she didn't look like that last week." She said under her breath as she looked about the market floor. It was another quiet day, as it always seemed to be.

Then she spotted someone slowly walking from stall to stall, spending a few moments looking at everything. The girl was stunning she thought to herself. Her long Auburn hair shifted slightly in the breeze from the open sided stalls that opened out into an area around the trade floor so those in the wilds could also come and trade. Wearing a white robe the girl looked like a ghost with her pale skin, yet even from this distance her brown eyes seemed to stand out among the freckles about her nose.

With her attention totally fixed on the girl the trader had no idea if anyone had stopped by her stall and for the time it took for the girl to reach her stall she didn't move.

"Hi." Said the girl suddenly standing in front of the trader. There was a brief moment of silence as the trader simply stared at the girl who stood waiting for a reply. After a short and rather creepy moment the young girl turned to walk away.

"Hi... Sorry." Said the trader and the girl turned back toward the stall. "I was miles away sorry." She added and then held out her hand. "I'm Ander, Ander Sweetheart."

The girl took her hand "Sweetheart? Are you calling me sweetheart or is that your name?" She asked with a little cheeky smile on her face.

"Which would you rather?" Joked the trader. "it's my name, what is yours?" The trader was keen to know the name of the woman who had literally caused her world to stop.

"My name is Hannah Rose, I was registered yesterday." She replied and she looked down at the stuff on the stall.

"Wowzers..." Replied Ander as she suddenly felt a little put off. "You're a newbie then. What brings you to the market?"

"I am looking for stuff to fit out my new lodge in the wilds of section 36." The young girl picked up a set of wooden carvings. "Did you make these yourself?" She asked running her fingers over the carvings.

"I sure did, almost eight hours of work each mind you." She said looking at the girl in a slightly new light, eighteen even for her that was a little young. "Section thirty six you say, so you will be working with Dr forester then." She added.

"Yes I am meeting him later, I have heard good things about him." Hannah replied placing the carvings back down. "Your stuff is all so lovely. Very unique unlike most of the stalls." She added picking up a small carved flower made of several types of wood.

"He is the best, We share the same rebirth day, he trades some of his spare wood with me every month so a lot of what is on here is because of him." She said with pride in her voice.

Hannah smiled at the traders enthusiasm and put the flower back down. "No take it, call it a Registration gift." Said Ander picking the flower up and handing it back to the girl. "Don't worry about trading for it later either, I don't want anything for it." She smiled at the girl who blushed and thanked her.

"I'll say you said Hi to Dr Forester later when I see him." She replied as she turned to leave. "Thank you for this its beautiful." She carried on walking from stall to stall and Ander kept an eye on her.

By the time she left the only thing Hannah had with her was the flower.


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    Rakesh Sai


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  • I like the pace. It allows good discription and conveys personality development well.

    Apr 16, 2018

  • Great

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