✨a Wish In The Sky✨ Prologue - A Dark Sky With A Bright Future Read Count : 65

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It was 12:03am. The sky was completely dark with the stars being white dots staring at the planets below. The moon shined bright and the trees were calm and still. I was laying on my back in the middle of my backyard. I was looking back at the stars above. I loved the quiet. I felt like I was in a different universe where there was no annoying siblings always screaming, running around the house, making a ruckus, making messes I had to clean, and blaming me for mistakes my siblings did. I have three younger siblings and they are one of the nightmares I have to have in my life. My name is Eclipse. The reason for that unique name is because of my unusual violet eyes. I'm a sixth grader and in the beginning of my fourth grade through the end if my fifth grade, I was bullied pretty badly because of my weird appearance. Since I have gotten bullied, it made me have low self-esteem growing up. I was never comfortable with my unusual colored eyes because it made me feel different from everyone else. I'm just glad the bullying stopped when I started in sixth grade. But I do get treated like I'm invisible which is a bit rude but I ignore it. Even though people stopped bullying me, my self-esteem didn't increase and I had much more work to do when I got home so I would get less sleep because I commonly go to bed at 11:00pm and I wake up at 5:30am to get ready for school and help Dad make breakfast for everyone since Mom wasn't with us anymore. I have bags under my eyes and my bags just got darker and darker but I don't really notice it so I ignore it. Anyways, I continued to stare at the night sky. I looked at my watch. 12:23am. I sighed and started to ask myself questions. What would it be like to be an only child? What would it be like to have two loving parents? What would it be like to be normal? What would it be like to not be bullied? What would it be like to not be treated like I'm invisible? What would it be like...to be happy? I sat up and the cool breeze blow my hair in the wild. {What would it be like to have a happy and normal life?} I thought. I knew that they will never happen but what I didn't know what the bright future ahead to me. I just needed to be patient...it is gonna be hard but I'm up for it.

                 To be Continued...


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  • Good, keep working on this.

    Apr 16, 2018

  • Nice

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