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Atlantis Citadel, The Hall of Law. 09:00.

The room sat silent as the imposters waited for their final member to arrive. Their black robes were hidden away in a section of the citadel few knew about. Now sat in the gold robes of the Law Makers they believed they were untouchable.

"Where is L?" Asked the one everyone referred to as Alpha, he was the leader, the head guy and something he sensed was out of place. "When was the last time he was seen?" He asked again over the silence.

"No one has seen him since we left here last night with the bodies." Replied one of the others, a recruit known as R. No one knew each others names, instead they were refered to by letter Alpha was followed by Omega, his second in command, then the remaining men, and they were all men, were named A through to Z. No one liked it a great deal but it served its purpose.

The door to the room opened and in walked the bloody and beaten L. As he reached his chair he almost collapsed into it. Waiting patiently the others watched with bated breath.

"Some one knows." He began as he wiped some blood from his mouth. "An Engineer in grid six. I think he knows about the secret room." His head hit the table and the thud echoed around the room. The man sat beside him leaned over and checked for a pulse, he then looked at Alpha and nodded.

"So we now have to find this engineer." Alpha stood up calmly. "We need a plan and we need it to seem realistic. I want something within the hour." He sat back down. "Dismissed."

Everyone except Alpha, Omega and L left in a rush. They would retire to the separate living quarters of the Law Makers. Left separate from the general population allowed those of law to remain uninfluenced by the daily lives of those they served over and for, or so was the idea.

"What do we do about him?" Asked Omega as he pointed to the face down figure of L.

Just as Alpha went to suggest something the unconscious body bolted upright, pulling a section of pipe from under his robe he stood up. He then wiped his face to reveal no bruising or bleeding. Taking a gamble Harrison had managed to separate the leaders from the others. The two men stumbled from their chairs and ended up backed against the wall as their would be attacker edged closer. "You found me." He said as he eyed up the two men.

Omega rushed at the Engineer, Harrison swung the pipe low connecting with the guys knees. Alpha watched on as his only protection tumbled into a group of chairs and then lay motionless in a heap. "Now it's just me and you." Harrison watched as his target tried to move toward the door. Gripping the pipe in two hands he pushed the table to seal off his exit.

"What do you want?" Asked the leader of the mysterious group. He had noticed something in the corner of his eye and decided to move toward his attacker. "What do you know and how do you really think you can do anything about?" The question was just a distraction to allow him to stride with some confidence toward the engineer.

"I have no idea, your associate wasn't very forth coming with information. I only managed to get where you were by removing four of his fingers." Harrison responded.

Now the two men were face to face with nothing more than twenty feet between them. Looking the engineer up and down Alpha picked hs moment and charged forward then just as Harrison went to swing he felt someone grab his arms. Without a backward glance Alpha bolted from the room. For a moment Harrison and Omega struggled to over power each other then without warning Omega tumbled taking the engineer with him.

Shifting after taking a blow to his head Harrison staggered back to his feet, he looked down at the other man, his eyes were glazed over and the section of pipe they had been fighting over was firmly driven through his chest. Harrison left the room quickly.


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