ALL GONE. Chapter 3 Read Count : 24

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
As soon as they were inside they ran up the stairs while the dog  barked and Jonathan barricaded the stairway with metals and such. They laid down together on a bed, they started closing there eyes but just then the barricade literally smashed open. A bunch of those things running through it. Jonathan grabbed his wrench from the night stand he put it on and smashed the window open, He grabbed his dog and jumped out. Luckily they landed in a swimming pool, but it was filled with blood, so they got out, and set off again. Later that day they found some wood and some cold spaghettiohs. It was a while before i was able to make fire to keep me and my dog warm, but when we got some fire going I still felt cold. I looked down at my hand, I was bitten.


  • Harper  Finch

    Harper Finch

    what do you think will happen to jonathan let me know down here

    Apr 16, 2018

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