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Hey girls this is a motivational writing, i got the inspiration for writing this becuase this has been happening to me and my friends a lot.

Just becuase you are a girl doesn't mean you're weak. I know boys like to say/think that, "girls can't play sports," or they might say, "girls can't do a boys' job" but I'm here to tell any girl out there that no matter what you look like or how you act you are still a girl and girls are the strongest people out there. No matter what people say. Yes I know that there are stereotypes but honestly they are just junk. Thrown around like nothing. So just like junk people shouldn't really care about it. 

I hope this helped to some of you, and remember no one can say you can't do something (as long as it's not dangerous or illegal)

Stay safe, stay happy!


  • Apr 16, 2018

  • A true assassin training school (Chinese). Uses a women to test people making requests. Do not allow yourself to be a victim.

    Apr 16, 2018

  • Maxine Osborne

    Maxine Osborne

    Ignoring me AGAIN Zoey Leloneck

    Apr 18, 2018

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