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Chapter Seventeen

  Sam knew James would show, as she sat inside and waited she had no doubts that James would come running when she called. It's not because of who she is, it was because of who he was. Sam was all too familiar with guys like this, guys that made you feel as if you were the reason they opened their eyes every morning. Guys who made promises that they never intended on keeping. These were the real monsters of the world. They went around hiding in plain site breaking the hearts of unsuspecting women who fell for every lie that spilled out of their mouths. James was the epitome of everything Sam despised in a man. 

  Sam almost didn't hear the quiet knocks on the door as she had the music up loud. She opened the door and there he was. This man any woman would fall for, clean cut, dressed well, tall and handsome. She put on a fake smile as she invited him in. They exchanged an awkward kiss then Sam offered him a drink as she gestured for him to sit down. With all of the lights on in the RV it was easy for us to watch through the big back window as we stood out in the dark. 

  They sat at the table while sipping on the drinks Sam had poured. We could see her smile and and throw her head back to laugh at what James was saying. Sam did that when she was flirting, men like him loved feeling like they were charming their prey with little jokes. It was about twenty minutes of small talk and laughing when Sam stood up and reached out for James’ hand and led him to the bed. 

  The music was so loud as James stood at the foot of the bed waiting for Sam's next move. Sam pulled the shirt from over her head to show her full bare breasts, then she slipped out of the pants she was wearing and stood fully naked while James took in her beautiful body. She walked up to him and kissed him as she undressed him. Sam took out a pair of handcuffs, James hesitated a bit but easily gave in when she pushed him backwards on the bed and she climbed on top of him to straddle him with her naked body.

 Sam cuffed one of his hands then wrapped the chain around a post at the head of the bed then cuffed his other hand. He smiled awkwardly feeling trapped, but he kind of liked her taking control. She started biting his nipple then licking it, filling him with pain then pleasure. She went down to find him fully erect as she teased him a little with her tongue, then she put him all in her mouth and his eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned her name. 

 Sam could hear Stephanie starting to move under the bed, so she suddenly hopped on top of James as she grabbed him and put him inside of her and he yelled out in pleasure, Sam was fucking him fast and hard and yelling out his name over and over. Soon, James started to hear muffled screams as Sam continued to fuck him. He opened his eyes in question, Sam ignored him and she bent down and bit his nipple so hard he bled. He yelled out for Sam to stop. Sam continued to fuck him and yell out his name. Stephanie started kicking and moaning, James was confused now, he begged for Sam to stop. He kept asking if she could hear that yelling, Sam continued to ignore him. James started to kick his legs trying to get Sam off of him. She could see the fear and confusion in his eyes as Evol came in from behind Sam and grabbed James ’ feet and duct taped them together, James started to yell out for help as Sam leaned forward and stuffed a towel in his mouth and taped his mouth shut. 

  She jumped off of him and got dressed. Stephanie was losing it down below, so Evol grabbed her by her feet and slid her out and threw her next to James on the bed. They both had tears streaming down their faces. Sam just stood there laughing, “James, all you had to do was be an honest man!, and Stephanie, don't you see I was trying to save you from this monster?! You both deserve each other “ Sam yelled out in a tone I had never heard before. Then she turned and walked over to the table to sit down. 

  Kevin and Danny found rope to reinforce the tape around their feet and Stephanie's hands. Evol and Mac quickly packed up the chairs outside while Alex and I hurried to put out the fire. It wasn't long after that when Alex jumped in the driver's seat and Mac sat shotgun, they both reached up to open the curtains that covered the windshield and Alex drove away. I sat with Sam at the table in silence. Evol, Danny and Kevin took advantage of the scene on the bed and started taking pictures capturing the beautiful fear on the faces of our captives.

  We had been on the road for maybe twenty minutes when Sam broke the silence. She stared blankly out of the window as she told the story of the only time she had ever been in love. Her eyes were sad as she spoke and her voice was hoarse. 

  His name was Frank, she said that he had stolen her heart. Frank was an Italian man she met at a club in New York when she was in her twenties. He was an average looking man, he was just a bit taller than her and had messy thick black hair that hung in his eyes. He was dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. Sam liked that about him, he wasn't clean cut or a pretty boy. He was average, with a little bit of a pot belly. He seemed a little out of place at the club and was a little awkward. Sam said that they locked eyes from across the room and one thing led to another. 

  He was so nice, he spoiled her with compliments and his time, she had never felt so special and so loved.They would stay up watching movies and laughing for hours. They had been dating for a few weeks before they finally made love. It was electrifying, she had never felt anything like it before. Sam had fallen for Frank. They continued to see each other and take things slow. He seemed very old fashioned in some ways, he was a real gentleman. So different from what Sam was used to and she fell head over heels in love with him. She never knew that love could be this wonderful.

   One night they made plans to go out and Sam got all dressed up and waited for Frank. He never showed, so she called and called his cell phone and he didn't answer. She was worried something bad had happened to him. She realized that night that she didn't really know anything about him. She couldn't call his work or his family to see if he was ok. She just sat on her bed and cried herself to sleep. 

  It was around three in the morning when she was startled by her phone ringing. Frank’s picture flashed in her phone and she answered it quickly. She was crying again as she asked if he was ok. On the other end she heard Frank's voice, he sounded drunk. He was crying and telling Sam that there were things she didn't know about him. Things that would change everything. Sam begged for him to explain himself, she was so confused. Was he just drunk or what, she didn't know. 

  Frank was crying and continued to tell her that he loved her but they could no longer be together. Sam panicked and felt the room spin as she pleaded with him, telling him that it didn't matter what it was they could work it out. Frank finally said it, those three words that would forever change things. Everything was ruined and nothing was ever going to be the same again. She was numb on the inside as she hung up the phone.

    Sam's eyes filled with tears as she spoke of Frank. She cleared her throat as if to hide the fact that she was about to cry. Mac poured her a glass of whisky and she gladly accepted. After a few swigs, Sam continued. 

  She said that after she hung up with Frank that night she cried for hours. How was she supposed to just go on with life without him. She knew that she had to figure it out. Frank just dropped a bomb on her, how did she not know he was married? She said she felt like a fool, a fool with a broken heart.

  Two days had passed when she got a call from Frank. She was so happy that he called, but she was torn because her heart had already suffered so much. Once she heard his voice she melted and whatever dignity she had left flew out of the window. 

  Frank said that he had missed her so much, he tried not to call but couldn't help it. Sam started to cry as she talked with him. She questioned him on how he could do this to her. Frank was sincere when he said he never meant for it to happen and he hadn't been looking for it. He told Sam that he had been unhappy in his marriage for a long time and after meeting her he knew he was ready to end it with his wife. Although Sam was still upset with Frank for not being honest with her, she felt happy that maybe they still had a future. 

   After that, they continued to see each other and she fell deeper in love. Sam was enjoying her time with him, however as time passed she started to wonder if Frank ever planned on leaving his wife. She felt it was time to confront him. 

  She invited Frank over to her apartment for dinner. Sam wanted everything to be just right. She went out and bought his favorite wine and made his favorite lasagna. He knocked at the door as she was lighting the candles. He gave her a big kiss as he walked in. She told him that dinner was almost ready, but he couldn't wait. He pulled her dress over her head and bent her over the back of the couch and he fucked her from behind. Sam yelled out in pleasure as they both came. 

  After dinner while Sam cuddled with Frank on the couch she thought it was a good time to ask about his wife and what his plans were. Frank immediately got defensive but Sam didn't ease up on him. They continued to fight until he dropped another bombshell. Sam felt defeated, there was no way she would ever be able to be with Frank now. He had a child, and now Sam felt an overwhelming guilt for breaking up a family. 

  After that night Sam tried to go on with her life. She even tried dating, she met a nice guy she really liked, but Frank wouldn't let up. He started harassing Sam at work and even broke into her apartment where he tore up pictures of her and her new boyfriend. Frank was always showing up at her work and wouldn't take no for answer. He even showed up one day with flowers and in front of her coworkers, got down on one knee and proposed. Sam told him no many times and ran to the office and cried. 

  It was a week later when she got a call from Frank. He begged her not to hang up and to just listen. She almost hung up, but his voice was different so she stayed on the line. He went on to apologize for his behavior and he wanted her to know that he finally left his wife. He wanted to meet up with her and talk in person. Sam was silent for a while then she finally agreed. Something felt different with Frank and she held onto a little bit of hope that things could go back to the way it was before she found out about his wife. Sam decided to take a chance and meet up with him at his house. She was excited to see his place since they had only ever stayed at her apartment. 

  Sam pulled up to an adorable little house at the end a cul de sac. She sat in her car for a minute imagining living here with Frank, and how happy they could be. She knocked on the door and Frank opened it. They both were a little awkward, not sure if they should hug or kiss, so they settled on a quick hug then he invited her in. It was beautiful inside, extremely charming for a single guy. To the left was a sun filled room decorated with a cheerful yellow and gray theme. To the right there was a room with glass doors that looked to be an office. As they walked further into the house he offered her a seat in the living room. He asked her if she wanted a drink and she anxiously sat there while he got them both some wine. 

   Frank sat next to her and said that he wished he could do things all over. He said that he never intended on meeting someone let alone fall in love. He was so sweet and sincere as he said that he could have handled things better and he was sorry. He was hoping that they could start over. Sam was happy, this is what she had wanted to hear from the very beginning. 

  After talking a while Frank stood up and held out his hand to Sam, she reached up and grabbed his and stood up. He said he wanted to show her something as he led her down a long hall. All of the doors were closed except one. He led her into the room, Sam was feeling a little hesitant when she saw the bed. She wasn't quite ready to have sex with him, she wanted to take it slow. However, Frank pointed to the bathroom door. He said he wanted Sam to see something. 

  Frank opened the door and Sam stood there in shock, she was frozen, she couldn't move. Sam looked at Frank with a confused look, what was happening?!? Then Frank pulled out a gun and Sam screamed as he pulled the trigger and shot his wife and daughter who were tied up in the bathtub. Sam tried to run but Frank held her hand and pleaded with her to understand  that now they could finally be together. 

  Sam grabbed a glass vase that was sitting on the side of the tub and hit Frank over the head with it. He fell to the floor and Sam ran to her car and called 911 as she drove away. The last time she ever saw Frank was when she testified in court. 

   Mac filled her glass again and she quickly shot it down. Sam wiped tears from her eyes and said that she had an idea for our next photo shoot with James and Stephanie.


  • May 20, 2018

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