Chapter 1- The Boy Who Couldn't Cry (Sweet Dreams) Read Count : 38

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   It was a lonely night, as two twin boys, Noah and Eton Hathaway were sitting alone in there home. The two boys parents had received an emergency call stating that there was a severe car accident that caused injury to several people. Both being health professionals, they could not ignore the emergency call. They didn't have any time to find a babysitter, so they asked them to behave and get to bed at a decent time, than left them alone.
   Under normal circumstances,  The Hathaways would've never consider leaving their two boys home alone. Since this was unusual event, they had no choice but to trust that their sons would be okay while they were gone.
   Being average boys, they relished the moment their parents left, and went to the kitchen to make some snacks like popcorn and sandwiches. After making a huge bowl of popcorn and a plate full of sandwiches, they commenced in front of the TV set and turned it on to their favorite 007 secret agent show. The two boys Noah and Eton, watched their favorite 2 hour show and enthusiastically.
   This week's episode would thrill them more than any other episode that they had ever seen. The secret agent, was sneaking into a party in order to steal documents relating to an attack on American soil. The agent. Reno was decked-out in a fancy black tuxedo, and black leather gloves. He managed to sneak inside the embassy without any trouble. During the party, Reno had managed to slip away from the party, and began searching the house for the secret documents.
   While searching the host's bedroom, he discovered a secret switch inside a desk drawer. When he pushed it in, a secret door opened up in the wall behind the man's wardrobe. As soon as agent Reno managed to find the documents and leave the room, one of the guest's son saw him leave the room. Startled by this, the boy screamed and ran from agent Reno. Reno chased the boy down the hall and tackled him. He poured a liquid drug on a handkerchief and stuffed it over the boy's mouth and nose, and restrained him from under his right arm. Reno dragged him into a nearby bedroom. The boy began to cry. 
   The crying boy, struggled with Reno for awhile, until the drug on the rag started to make him sleepy. Agent Reno, lifted the boy off of ground and set him onto a bed, and put the rag back over his face. As the boy became quiet, he tossed the handkerchief over to the side and wrapped the unconscious boy in the bedspread. He lifted the boy over his shoulder, and carried him outside through the window.
   Eton yawned, as a commercial break came on. He told Noah that he was getting up to go to the bathroom, and he'd be back in a few minutes. Noah picked up the mess around them a little, because they didn't want their parents to be angry at them for leaving a huge mess around while they were gone. When Eton came back, they sat back down and waited for the show to come back on.
   When the show came back, the agent Reno was in his artificially intelligent vehicle, similar to the car in the 1980s show Knight Rider. The boy, that the agent kidnapped was sitting in the passenger seat next to him, still unconscious from the inhaled sedative.
The agent takes a look at the unconscious boy, and the show ends abruptly, due to a political debate.              
   Both of boys are upset by this, and they know that this means the show will be cancelled until tomorrow night. They shut off the TV set and finish cleaning up their mess. The two boys head to the kitchen. Eton notices the front door isn't completely shut. He stops the close it, and heads into the kitchen with Noah. After the boys clean up the mess in the kitchen they made, they come back around to go upstairs. The door is cracked open again. Eton was weirded out by this, but he closed the door again and locked it. Noah needed to go to the bathroom, so Eton finished up in the living room. Went to eat then came back around, the door was wide open. Eton was petrified by this strange occurrence. He closed the door and locked it again.
   Eton heard footsteps behind him, and turned around slowly. Two men stood on both sides average sized men, wearing black leather and dark blue jeans. The startled nine year old boy couldn't say a word. One of the two men, slightly taller than the other grabbed ahold of him and covered his mouth. The other man, pulled out a small bottle containing clear and a handkerchief. With an eyedropper he added the liquid onto the cloth mask. He put away the bottle and held the mask underneath the boys nose. The liquid, had a funny smell to it. The man covering his mouth removes his hand.

Lance: "All right pal, you're gonna be okay." (He places the cloth mask on him.) "We aren't going to hurt you, we're just gonna take you and your brother for a quiet country drive."

Eton: (Muffled) "Please let me go."

Lance: (Strokes his fingers through his hair)"Shhh......everything is gonna be just fine. Look into my eyes and breathe deeply.

Eton: (Looks into Lance's eyes an breathes.)

Lance: "That's a good boy. Keep it up and you won't have to be afraid."

Eton: (Has trouble keeping his eyes open.) "What...... I feel sort of funny."

Lance: "Take him out to the van, and put him in one of the beds. I'll grab the other kid, and get him outside. He'll be a snap."

Raven: "Right Captain, I'll be back as soon as he's tended to." (Scoops up Eton and carries him outside to the van.)

   Lance heard the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs. He ducked behind the wall in the hallway. Noah was coming back downstairs, to find a
Etan. He stopped and noticed the open door. He reached over to close the door.

Noah: "What? I thought Eton closed and locked the door. Maybe he went outside for something."

   Lance prepared another mask quickly pouring the anesthetic on it. While Noah was peering out the window, Lance snuck behind him and strapped the Ethoform mask over his face. Noah struggled with Lance, frightened of what was going on. Lance restrained the struggling boy long enough for the anesthetic to take effect. Noah slumped over, in Lance's arms. Lance lifted up the dozing boy over his shoulder and carried the lad out the door.
   Lance, took Noah to a van that was parked in a small patch of woods not too far from the house. He opened the back door to the armored van and stepped inside to put Noah down on a built in bed. He signaled Raven to start driving after he closed the van door.


  • This is a redone version of the 1st part of chapter 1.

    Mar 13, 2018

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