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Scene 42. Development

The morning was almost end. I went back to the tree of life inside the warehouse in Elyn. I planned to do what Andra told me, but this side of the port wasn't mine yet.

Buy them would be the fastest way but it would be also to just giving a fuel for the enemies to burn our places. 

I went to the apartment complex to see the development of the project. Now there's three apartment complexes, each complex had four floors with ten apartments, each apartment had two or three bedrooms, with their own lavatory, kitchen, and living room.

There were a walls and fences with a guard towers around the roadside of the ports that surrounding my land. I was planning to covered the roadsides of the port completely like that.

The warehouses already cleaned, some of them were upgraded to became a facilities, like an arena, gym, training center, shooting range, and a canteen.

I saw some of the dogmens in the shooting range. I met with Karen.

"Oh hi Elise, we just training our marksmanship and how to take cover. Thanks to let us try the gym and the shooting range before you open them for business" 

"Yeah I figured what I will do first since I don't have a permit to build a new factory yet, I think I really need to go to school. So, have you find out about where's the Heartstone Family keep their weapons or how they got them?"

"Unfortunately not yet, but we have some activities from the north of the warehouses, the ones that those family has. Oh, almost forgot, Arin said that she need to tell us something when you get back, I think she's in the training center"

We went and entered the former warehouse that became a training center. 



There were a multiple training grounds, most of them were being used by a catgirls. From an unarmed combat to a heavy melee combat, but mostly just a swords.

"Wha... What's happening!? I'm sure that they are not doing a 'feline run' dance!" I was surprised.

"Oh it's Elise! Guys let's take a rest!" Yelled Max.

"Ah, Elise, I think I have some information that you need" said Arin while she approaching me.

Arin told me that when she was with Jack Cooper, she often went to someone that has a great amount of mana and keeping the documents that Jack finished.

Another person was the one that made the decision. He always inside his room in one of the high-rise building that full of guards.

Arin told me both of the person locations, and now I knew what to do.

"Okay, thanks Arin. By the way what are you guys doing? What kind of sports that makes your swords damaged like that"

"Oh this is not a sports Elise, we were trying to kill each other, well of course it's just a practice, we will never hurt each other" answered Max.

"Yeah, I read a book of the ancient combat history when I took a part time in the library, here, I bought a copy from the bookstore" Arin continued.

"Hmm.. isn't it just a history book about catgirls?" I asked.

"Try to spell the sentence in the bottom of the first page, only a catgirl can cast the magic inside the book"

"Okay, 'when the darkness win, the new light shall reborn', so what hap... Whoa!" I surprised.

There's a light that came out from the book and the book became completely different book. 

Inside of the book became an instruction of how to performed a demon extermination, from melee combat, magic combat, assassination, traps, even an interrogation methods for someone that works with the demon.

"Now I see one of the reasons why catgirls became a low class citizen, these bad guys are afraid if we can read and found out about this book"

Scene 43. Make Deal

"All of your swords have been damaged, where did you get those?" I asked

"Oh, sometimes we just found it on the alley, or under the bridge, sometimes a stranger just dumped it on the garbages" said Max.

"Urgh... No wonder, how about I improve it a bit, bring all of your swords here and some woods, clothes, and any leftover materials"

There were more than a hundred swords but it all damaged. I used my 'creation magic' to recreate the swords and enchanted it with a magic crystals.

The swords became a less fancy version of the sword that Sentinel and I were created. I can only made 30 swords and it's scabbards because of material shortages, but I planned to give at least one for each catgirls.

I also gave the catgirls that were presents a handguns.

"Alright, make sure you always bring your gun and your sword anytime, anywhere. I'll make a basement for our arsenal later" I said while I handed them the weapons.

Suddenly, a dogman came to Karen and told her something. After that she told me,

"Elise, there's a lot of vehicles coming from outside the city, we confirmed that they are a mafia" said Karen.

"Then you better prepared for a counter attack, I will help"

"No, please let us fight for our own today Elise, you cannot spoiled us forever"

"Ahahaha... then i will go to the person that Arin mentioned"

I went to the City Hall first to get a document and information. The names that owned the northern part of the warehouses was Mr. Stuart, the description matched with what Arin told me. He spent his time in the city's executive club on a holiday, so i made my appointment from there.

I went there with my fancy outfit, it seemed the news about a rich catgirl that overhaul the port was popular. I entered the lounge, the people saw me without harassing me, but the tension wasn't low either.

I approached the outdoor area that being guarded by a bunch of hounds.

"My name is Elizabeth Rose, I have an appointment with Mr. Stuart"

I entered and sat in front of Mr. Stuart. The waiter gave me a cup of milk tea later.

"Okay Mr. Stuart. I don't have much time and neither do you so here's the deal, I want to buy the rest of your warehouses as long as you sell it with a reasonable price" I demanded him.

"I cannot do that miss Rose, especially not today besides, money isn't really a problem for now" said Mr. Stuart

"You know I still can pay you with a magic crystals, right"

"Now we're on to something, I can give you a ten percent discount, you can paid with installments, let's start with 150.000 Almar worth of crystals. Unfortunately right now, we still using the warehouses for our business, it will take some time" said Mr. Stuart.

Of course I had a plan, I won't let them extorted me again.

"I only agree if those warehouses are still there without any damage, and if any warehouse is destroyed, that crystals will be the only one you got from me, deal?"

"It's a deal"

We made an agreement on the papers, but I sensed something from the distance.

There's a bunch of cars arrived, there's a lot of a man with a fancy suit entered, some of the man approached us. It looked like they were a vampires.

"Hello Mr. Stuart and... A catgirl?" Said one of the men who looked like their leader.

"Oh don't mind me, I've done my business, let me finish my drink before I leave" I said confidently.

"Mr. Theo, I never thought that you will betrayed your family and joined The Grimoire. Have we done enough for you? is the power that what you seek? You already an excellent swordsman you know"

I almost surprised, the relative of Mr. Theo that dead in the Finn Village was in front of me.

"Shut up! Your family are being cursed, your executive were being killed without any clue of who did it, from Elyn and last night was in Rikarin, and you guys did nothing when my brother is dead, that's why I joined the Grimoire and become a vampire"

"So what will you do now, Kill me?"

"I want to take the family's treasures that you possess"

"Then you need to kill me first"


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