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im 56 years old if u wanna hear my story be warmed he might come for you. Hello my name is sam I was 13 years old when this happend my mother and father were going for there anniversary I remember they told me that there is a gun in the cabinet take it only for emergency uses I was an intelligent girl I knew how to use a gun and was cautious about danger that useing a gun can do, it was 9 on clock my parents said we might order for u somethung if we dont u can order before 11 i told them fine they kissed me goodbye and went it was 10:40 no response from parents so i decided to order before i called i heard a knock 3 times i took the safety gun and switched the safety mode of i checked through the peep hole no one was there but when i was looking away i saw a box my curiosity hit and i opened the door i grabbed the medium size box it said suprise from mommy and daddy i was like finally when i opend i saw it there was a peice a large peice of cheese i thought why did the get me cheese i took some and put it on bread it tasted normal at first i sat to watch a movie after finshing it i started to feel pain in my stomach i went to the bathroom and pulled a long slimy hair i was so disquested i cleaned my hands and drank some water i went to inspect the chesse to see whats wrong nothing it was normal i didnt no it was the cheese i take another bite i felt nothing but the cheese started to turn greish black color and i puked everywhere i freaked out and called my parents i told them did u sent me cheese it made me puke the said 'what do u mean honey we didnt' i hanged up and heard another knock on the door i went to the door nothing but a huge box was there i opened the door and the box was heavy but i pulled it inside it said from the man i opened it it had to boxes one said mom the other said dad i opend the dad one first i saw my father's head and i opend my mothers and i saw her head then i heard a knock and then a voice saying =can i come in= i screamed and went to call the cops this massge poped up ^sorry we are allready in allot of emergancy dont hang up^ i ran upstairs and heard the person or whatever come in then i heard the telephone say ^911 whats your emergancy^ i heard my voice =it said im sorry everything is fine i accdentally called=^oh okey honey have a good night^ i heard click i hold my breath then i heard my uncle said Samantha are u in there get out then i heard my window shatterd i saw the the thing looking directly at me and say= its not your time yet when it is i will come for you= he disappeared i ran to my uncle i told hin everythung he checked the boxes and i started to live with him and his wife. i wish i havent opened the door my parents might have lived...


  • amazing cuz u know how to scare me

    Mar 17, 2018

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