Intruders(part3) Read Count : 26

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Note: you will know now who is the mystery guy

      The guy actually noticed Inchigo's arm was bleeding! "OMG SORRY!" he quickly ran towards Inchigo and wrapped an arm around her "hurry, let me clean your wound," Inchigo's wound was getting even worst and because loss of blood, she fainted.

       "Wake up Inchigo, wake up!" Inchigo heard a familiar voice. A voice of a guy. It was the mystery guy! He was infront of her face. "Ahhhh!!!" Inchigo quickly sat up and the guy backed off."look i am really sorry for what i did and are you okay?" Said the guy. Inchigo turned her head and saw both her friends, Li Bing and Emily. "You're awake, this is Max, the guy who-" Said Emily in a polite voice while Inchigo continued "i know,"

Note: see what happens at part 4 next time ^_^


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