Intruders (part 2) Read Count : 24

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Before i start:it was part 1 so lets begin

    They quickly ran out of their rooms and waited for another friend of theirs, Emily, that was about to fetch them. Emily met them when it was their school trip to Italy. How they became friends? Emily is born in a rich family and she is very selfish. Those two saved her when she was almost kidnapped by a wanted kidnapper! Finally, Emily arrives and said "The schedule is actually an hour away before our first day starts so why are you two panting, you ran?" She then continued "your alarm clock is broken i guess,"

            "No time to talk now, lets go," Inchigo said in a rush. They went into the car and they were shocked when the driver pressed a golden button and they reached the school in a flash!" Technologies sure are awesome," stated Li Bing.

           Inchigo was so amazed that she was lost of words. The school was huge and lots of students are here already. She and her two friends walked into the school while chatting when she bumped right into a guys chest and both of them fell right on their butt. Li Bing and Emily helped Inchigo up while the guy stood up by his own.

          "Who in the world are you?!" Said the mystery guy angrily. Inchigo's did not answer but her face was pale. The mystery guy was handsome looking and he wore a casual everyday wear. The guy's eye suddenly gone wild and finally noticed something......

Note:*who is the mystery guy? Find out in part 3*


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