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To try and keep the Magazine as current as possible the following ideas have been discussed and we would like to offer a chance for the community to have their say.

#1 A Youth Section. We have a growing number of Youngsters who use the App so instead of them feeling pushed out by our regular contributors or more experienced writers it has been suggested that we offer 5 to 10 Slots in the Magazine for those Aged 17 and Under.

Do you think this is a good idea? Are you 17 or Under and would like to use this option

If we Offer this option what are peoples thoughts on it from a Child's Safety online point of view.
#2 Poetry Battle Off. This is just a bit of Fun but could be really challenging. A Battle Theme is Issued and Writers are encouraged to Write a Poem of 50 Words or Less on the Theme.

Then all Poems are randomly paired with another and Readers can vote on the Poem they like best. (Votes will be Counted across Facebook and the App)

We may Limit Entries to 8, so we can have round 1 of Voting with 4 Battles, round 2 with 2 Battles and round 3 is the Final. The voting will go as followed, Round 1 open for 2 Weeks. Round 2 open for 1 Week and Round 3 open for 1 Week. With the Winner Featured in an Article in the following Issue.

#3 Writer in Focus Article. We focus alot on the Writing of People but it has been suggested that we offer a Chance for our Writers to share their Writing Journeys with us.

With that in mind the idea would be to offer a Writer the chance to write an Article about themselves and their Writing. We may Limit the word count but the article can be used to share successes and failures to help others etc.

If we add this who would you like to see featured?

So please let us know if you think the ideas above are a good or bad addition to the Magazine.

Also remember that Submissions for the April Issue is open and we would love to hear from you if you wish to be featured.


  • I especially like the idea to include youth entries.

    Mar 14, 2018

  • I would love the idea of the youth section.

    Mar 15, 2018

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