Underswap (Part 2) Read Count : 15

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure
||The pellets disappear just before hitting you.||


||A fireball shoots past Temmie.||

*.... GOTTA GO!!

||Temmie runs away. A tall figure stands infront of you.|| 

*Hello, child. I am Asgore the caretaker of these ruins. Please, let me guide you through the catacombs!

||You nod||

*Follow me, child. 

||The figure walks off. You follow. You make it to a room. There is a glowing yellow thing. You stand in-front of it||

*Being saved from Tem. It fills you with DETERMINATION*

*HP Fully restored*

||You start following Asgore again, he leads you into a room with buttons on the floor, and a lever||

*Here in the underground there are many puzzles. This is an example.

||Asgore steps on a few of the buttons and flicks the lever. The door opens||

*Come, child.

||He walks into the next room. You follow.||

*now, here you will have to flick the right levers. I have labeled them for you. 

||You flick the labeled levers. The spikes at the end of the room go away||

*Good my child! Now come!

||You follow Asgore into the next room||

||While walking you encounter a Froggit||

Wonder what Chara will choose..


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