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Violet was having a normal day at her college. She was walking down the long, crowded corridor smiling at the people that said hi. She was a peaceful and loving girl and everyone liked her. But she didn't have friends. She was a quite of a strong girl, but full of beauty. Her long black hair was platted with her fringe covering her glowing, brown eyes. It was an amazing day that made Violet think that she should go to a walk after classes were over until... 

There was a loud noise coming near her. It was about four or five girls shouting what sounded like ' VINNIE I LOVE YOU'. Ugh! Violet didn't like noise. But she especially didn't like it when fan girls were overreacting. Now, let's talk about Vinnie. he had blonde hair but a little bit of brown flowing in it. His eyes were as blue as the ocean everyone loves. His lips were small, but red. He also has a friend. Chris. He had black hair and very dark eyes, that looked like black.

As they came, they walked to her. Lord... 'Why me' she thought. "Hey baby girl' Vinnie said
"Hi Vinnie. Can you and your fan girls go away, like do you mind, there is an awful racket" she said angrily.
"Ooh, tough!" Chris shouted out.
"Yes Chris, I want you to GO"! She shouted.
Vinnie looked at her and smiled. She looked at him and smiled and said "YOU won't go... then I'LL go",
She passed him but as she did punched him in the tummy and he instantly fell on the floor, gazing after her, while Chris laughed.
Everyone was looking at him, surprised, as he was known as strong. 
" He couldn't beat a girl?!" Said one
"Is he okay?" Said another.


  • I think she will make a part 2

    Feb 14, 2018

  • @UnicornAuther yup thats true @AngelGibson thnx i like V to @NonaCookie sorry tp spoil this but its gonna get SPICY in the future thx everyone for commenting

    Feb 14, 2018

  • maybe instead of sayinf punched in the tummy you couldve said punched in the stomach. but besidies that it was really good :)

    Feb 14, 2018

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