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Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you had not made certain decisions? The following questions are not meant to make you feel condemned, but to make you think and hopefully change course for the rest of your life.

 Remember, we may lose our hope and condemn ourselves, but God doesn't. As long as you are living, God can do wonderful things in your life----but you have to let him, and then trust.

"For we know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose."

What if you hadn't started drinking or drugs or some other addictions? What if you had worked on the underlying problem instead?

What if you had had counseling for your failed relationship, instead of just throwing it away like trash? 

What if you were not so impulsive, and thought about the consequences of your words and actions, before instead of after?

What if you were more committed in your relationships, not jumping from one to another? Proverbs 4:23 says, 'Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life."(NLT)

What if I hadn't done_____and done____?

If I hadn't done____my life would be better?

What if I had let God into my life sooner? Would I be____now? What if I had really committed my life to God instead of just trying to "coast" spiritually and otherwise? What would my life be like?

Think of your life decisions in this way: If a river could decide which course it would take, what would it decide? Would it choose to go through a city and destroy everything in sight? Would it join with other rivers to eventually become a waterfall? Our decisions have consequences, so we need to choose with wisdom, not impulse, to determine what will happen next.

The story is told of a man who went to his garden shed to pick a pot to carry water in to his house from the river. He chose the one he wanted, and set out to bring some water for his needs. The only problem was, there was a crack in the pot so part of the water leaked out each time it was used. However, the man didn't seem to notice this. Finally, in the summer, when the man was reaching for the pot to use it again, it said to him "i love helping you by carrying water for your needs, but I feel bad that I am defective and some of the water leaks out each time." The man said, "I am aware that you leak water when I use you to carry it. Let's go outside and I will show you why I chose you to help me, even though you think you are defective." So the man took the pot to the path they trod when they went to the river together. The man said, Do you see the flowers along this path? I planted seeds along it, so when we come home from the river you water the seeds for me. I have used what you thought was wrong with you to make something beautiful."

It is the same with God. It doesn't matter what is supposedly "wrong" with you, God can still use your life to make something wonderful and fulfilling. But you have to trust God in order for this to happen.

Even if you have made mistakes, and we are all in that category, God can turn your life around no matter what your experiences have been. If you make God your first priority, he will work in your life and give you the rest of what you need.(Matthew 6:33) He loves you dearly!


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    Tessa Murphy


    Feb 13, 2018

  • very good app

    Feb 14, 2018

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    Dan Langerock

    thanks everyone. youre awesome

    Mar 23, 2018

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