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Verse 1 (raps)
#I have had enough of this,
Nah, I don't want men and their '''''
That is just a stereotype,
Everything is judged by the history of stereotypical illusions
Yeah, we may sometimes be an emotional wreck,
But just stop calling us depressed and crazy
I don't care if you are handsome or not,
Just show me that you are no different
Yeah, we don't care about our features,
We just wanna fit in
I don't care how long this song is,
If a man can rap
Then what about us,
Stop calling me a man coz I wear sweatpants,
That is just a stereotypical illusion,
Just like you#
Verse 2
# Having no choruses doesn't mean it is not a song,
Having no singers doesn't mean it is just words
Nah, I don't do stereotypes, just the truth,
Going topless doesn't mean I am gay
If I am dancing doesn't mean I am drunk,
If I am wallowing pills doesn't mean I am an addict,
Just stop using those stereotypical illusions
Let us live in a world where we can be who we wanna be,
So don't think I am a pest who just checks the women's features
That is why they always push me away,
Not all blonde girls are dumb and plain mean,
My sis lost her job for some stereotypical illusion
Why ya gotta judge for looks and stereotypes,
I just do it for the personality#
Verse 3
# Ya see the women's' rights all over the world,
Just tryna fit in
Be like the men,
Had enough being the housewives n wanna join the military 
Even after the wars, they are still not happy,
Damn stereotypical illusions say men fight n the women stay home
The dang government don't care and call it a minor issue,
But the wives are always leaving for being treated like a maid
How would you like it if you were a slave,
The homeless are just us but getting iller by the minute
Yet you call them the freaks?
Damn stereotypes!
I had enough of this and wanna be in the non-stereotypical planet
Where the genders all get along,
No animal abuse,
Yet we fight for freedom
Even if there is no such thing,
So damn this crap
Stereotypical illusions are just a way to ruin lives,
Ya better change or we will rebel!#


  • Zach Cochran

    Zach Cochran

    This is on point

    Feb 13, 2018

  • i love your rap. it was deep, hit alot of points ppl dont wanna talk about. i love it

    Feb 13, 2018

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