Magical Energy Read Count : 36

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
    Whenever Nicky Malone was a baby, her parents knew she was different. In fact she was different in two ways. One, she had Aspergers, and two, she had magic. 
    Whenever she was over-whelmed she would use the magic within her to quiet her world. 
    She eventually learned coping skills as she got older to deal with the way her brain was wired. But, she never stopped using magic whenever she was too overwhelmed to function.
    One day, on her 13th birthday, she discovered her passion, books. She began to read everything all the time. She discovered another way to comunicate as well, stories. 
    As she grew in mind and body, she wrote, every day she wrote. She was even published numerous times before the incident. She was in a car crash, the other car had a distracted driver.
    In the hospital the doctors made a big decision. They amputated her hands, as they could no longer function. But, Nicky found a way to write anyway. She didn't interact with anyone for a month as she concentrated.
    After 32 days she finaly did it. She created hands with magical energy. She became so elated she began to type a new story, a story of truth, this story.


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