My Powers Part 2 Read Count : 21

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         I was alone in a forest, trees surrounded me everywhere i looked. I was out of place in which i was trapped in, but i knew that i wasn't done running from them. If i didn't keep going i would've been killed. They would've captured me again. 

         The sun has just risen, i woke up in a cave the sun gleaming in my face. The cave was dark but not too dark. It was a cold night, i barely got any sleep, because i was shivering all night. Not to mention the wolves that were howling, ugh! So annoying! Anyway i couldn't stay in the cave for long, those men from the other night will come and find me, i can sense it. 

           I got prepared for the run,  once again i felt an urge of power. It was different then before though, this time i felt speed and agility. I lost control of what i was doing once again. Was this going to happen every time i try to escape from them? I was running faster than the wind blowing in my face, faster than a car on a highway, faster than a speeding cheetah chasing down their prey. I had no idea where i was going i just couldn't stop running. 

           I lost my power at a large building, it looked abandon. Holes in the walls, things falling off the building almost hit me. I heard someone say something from the top floor of the building, they said, "come up here, i know you need help!"i didn't know the person, it sounded like a young women, but i couldn't tell. "Come up i will help you!" They said again. 

      "Okay i am coming up." I said making my way up the steep stair case. There was about seven flights of stairs from what i could see, i started running up the stairs they were unstable, chips of the wood were falling off, if i didn't hurry i would've fallen to my death. 

         I got to the top of the building i saw the women, she said, "nona, you can hide here." She somehow knew my name. Did she know what was going on? Did she know that i was captured? I had a lot of questions for her, but i couldn't ask them now. I was tired from the trip here, i needed some rest. There was a small twin bed up here, it was quite comfy for something that has probably been there for a hundred years. 

       As i slept i heard someone yell my name, i thought i was just dreaming. Turns out i wasn't. I was back in that dark room, they captured me again. 

      "Don't ever think about running away again!" The man said, "you will be killed if you escape, we will find you and kill you, i would be scared if i were you." I still didn't know what my family did, but i couldn't fix the past, not like i knew what i would do if i could. 

     To be continued.. 


  • i really like it

    Feb 13, 2018

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