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Sub Category : Fantasy
Chapter 1 (a brand new start) 

   It was a brand new day,  I got up and went downatairs for breakfast afterwards I took a quick shower and got dressed. I flung my bag over my shoulder and said goodbye to my father .Then I went off to my brand new Academy. 

   I walked through the school gate and went to the hall than I found my class and sat down to read a book. My class was Galaxy star 1 , a boy sat next to me and introduce himself. I found out his name was Zane and he is a bookworm and loves music. He also loves Anime and a mild introvert. His personality is almost just like mine. I introduced myself back and he knew right away I was a new girl. When assembly was over, we went to class and I introduced myself to everybody and sat down on my seat next to Zach. 

   Class was over ,it was reccess and I took my notes and put it in my locker than taking out my lunchbox. Zach had a lunchbox as well I offered to sit with me. I agreed and saw him ate his lunch which was sushi. I ate my peanut butter sandwich and had a little conversation with him. Afterwards we became great friends and shared each others scerete .he was a great friend and I will always be with him no matter where I went. 

  After school, I said goodbye to Zach and went home knowing that he is in the third block down my house road. This was a great start so far and I hope he will be with me forever..... 

To be continued....


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