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All of these projects are open, but I can't possibly work on them every day. They are always on my mind though. 

1. Fight for Equality (sequel to Head Hunters)
2. Escort/ Recon (a short story that takes place in the Head Hunters' universe) 
3. Under the Lake
4. Escaping Hell (sequel to Drag Me to Hell) 

Self-Reflection pieces: 
1. Confessions of a Music Nymph
2. Personal Essays (currently working on My Home State, My Heart) 
3. Scrapbook
4. My own personal activity books (with activities I found over the months) 
5. Influential Characters (background information on the characters I created or how they shaped me)

1. My brother, Eric's superhero story (helps with Confessions of a Music Nymph and vice versa) 


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