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Places I find inspiration:
1. Old stories that didn't pan out the first time
2. My many playlists
3. Daydreams/ dreams
4. Conversations with my brothers and husband
5. Articles/ news stories
6. Books 
7. TV shows
8. Mail

I have over seven binders of inspiration. 
My Inspiration Dossier: 
1. Casts I Like
2. People I Admire
3. Villains I Admire
4. Authors I Admire
5. Misc. 
6. Best Male Role Models
7. Strong Females
8. Notes
9. Assignments from my Past
10. Alien Species
11. Supernatural Creatures from H.A.M. (a class I took at Full Sail University, Historical Archetypes and Mythology) 
12. Best Writing
13. Letters (I wrote but never sent)
14. Misc. Characters
15. Great Advice


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